Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ProPresenter 6!

Propresenter 6

Propresenter 6 is new for Mac users only so far and has not  (as of this publishing ) been released for Windows. The Windows version though is still in development and will be released when the time is right. The Mac version is a full function version with a watermark on the output display that will only go away when you purchase the program. In the mean time you can download it and get familiar with it until you need to use it in a presentation then you can buy yourself a license key for it. The details can be found at Renewed vision's website by clicking this link.
To see some of the features is best to go to their website and see them yourself or go to their YouTube channel and watch them in action.
One of the video's that I think will show some of the newest and best features is the one where you can in real time write right on the screen. This allows the presenter to make notes for the audience, circle things to make a point or just write things on a blank screen like a white board. All of this can be accomplished using the Propresenter Remote App.
Here is the first Video:
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