Sunday, November 29, 2015

Computers on sale what to do, what to do?

Everywhere you look, there are computers on sale.
Big computers, small computers, laptops, towers, all in ones.
What to do? You want one but there are so many to look at.

You see the ads, you see the commercials.
It used to be a computer was a computer. The only thing you had to choose was do I want a PC or do I want a Mac? other than that, there were a small group of sub retailers that sold their substandard products with overly publicized and overly promised performance.
Didn't have much choice. You were going to pay a small fortune for it no matter how you looked at it.

Today, everyone makes computers, and everyone sells them; names you are familiar with,
names you are not familiar with, names that make no sense at al;  and then there are still Macs.

Most modern day computers have plenty of storage, and plenty of ram (Random Access Memory), so why the difference in prices? some are $150.00 some are $1100.00. why would I want an $1100.00 machine when I can get one for $150?

What they don't tell you is that they (at least Intel) makes 3 speeds of processors. Intel makes a i3, an i5 and an i7. keep a close eye on this when you are purchasing a computer. the low end computers have an i3 processor in them. these are the slowest machines made and because the CPU (Central processing Unit) handles all the traffic you need to think of it like an expressway in and out of Chicago. Why? Nothing matters if it is not able to move. Memory will not tell you 2 + 2 = 4 until the processor calculates it, the hard drive can't hold the calculation until it is calculated. The CPU is the brain. the speed of the CPU is key. A 3 lane road to Chicago will get traffic in and out until rush hour and then everything drops to a crawl. Imagine you are in that traffic, Frustrating just sitting there! A 5 lane highway is better not as slow but a 7 lane highway is as fast as they come (at least as of the time of this publishing). You will pay the price for a 7 lane highway but it is worth the expense if time is key in what you do with a computer.

Do you run a business? You need speed. A crap load of speed at that. What you want then is the following and you will pay for it but it will be worth the investment if you are wanting a computer that doesn't make you pull your hair out waiting for it to do anything.

1. CPU i3 - No this processor is slow. I have one of these that was on sale, it is an all in one unit (everything is built into the monitor) and I thought that it was a good name, must be a good PC? wrong. it has an i3 processor and you can't even surf the web without bogging it down.

2. CPU i5 - Better. Macs run on an i5 and really don't need a faster one as they are fast in their own right as they run on a version of the Unix platform and don't have things running all over the pace in background processing unless you have installed something to do so. i5 is better and mid priced PC's will come with these are will be the most common...but there is better.

3. CPU i7 Best so far and is very fast. the information is processed fast and if you combine this with a solid state hard drive and plenty of RAM, then you will be pleased with this machine even if it is running windows.

I now have a Laptop with a SSD and 8gb ram and this unit boots up instantly and runs everything I do effortlessly. and even at a year old it is still the best PC I have outside of my Mac. The Mac is still faster until I launch the VM and run windows 10 on it. Windows 10 so far seems to bog most computers down as it is too busy monitoring your every move so Microsoft can "make a better one in the future". But at least it can even do that faster when you have better equipment.

So what is an SSD? Solid State hard drives (SSD's) are hard drives with no moving parts. they are a giant version of your flash drive. being there is no moving parts, there is no or very little seek time to find or write your data which is also a bottle neck in computer (Think of Chicago's circle interchange, better known as the spaghetti bowl) The faster you can get through that the better you are.

Keep in mind then when looking at all these computer deals: If it has an i3, you will likely hate the machine shortly after you buy it. so watch for the speed of the processor and consider that when you are purchasing one; also hard drives play a secondary role in the speed as once your memory is full waiting for things to write to your hard drive, the processing stops until the unit catches up. So an SSD hard drive is a must and then also make sure it is either large enough to last a while or has a second hard drive for storing long term data; and memory - the more the better - but a lot of memory won't do you squat if the processor can't utilize it so that should be your number one concern.

Happy computing and remember that black friday and pre christmas sales are a sham as the retailers have spent the last four months marking up their merchandise so they can put "Dramatic" reductions in price on things to fool you into paying more for them than you would have in the summer. so if you haven't bought one by now, wait until after Christmas as you are screwed until then.

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