Friday, January 11, 2013

New Computer

I finally did it.
I broke down and bought me a new computer.
In fact I am typing up this blog post on my new computer.
I hadn't blogged in over three years and really should get back at it.
So anyway, if you are thinking about buying yourself a computer get yourself an air.
The solid state hard drive is excellent and the speed is outstanding. they are not that costly if you think about the quality you are getting. This is an amazing machine.

SAP mad a big announcement thursday. They are putting their ERP CRM etc. on the HANA platform.
This is incredibly big news.
They set it up at john deere and to tell you that it is fast is an understatement.
Their MRP run usually takes 6 hours to run in batch. On HANA it ran is 10 seconds.
That is incredible.
They also are saying that the batch processing is no longer necessary with HANA and everything can be and should be done in real time.
More to come later.
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