Monday, July 12, 2010

SAPGUI on MAC os x

I have been reading blogs recently on how SAP does work on Mac os x, but that developers would lose some functionality like the screen painter. Personally speaking, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the sap screen painter and visual basics screen painter. If that is indeed the correlation, that the sap screen painter uses visual basic functionality to perform its thing, then I would then conclude that the screen painter can be modified to work using a mac friendly version of visual basic called Real basic. From what I have been reading, Real basic is almost exactly like visual basic with some minor coding styles that would have to be addressed to get it to work, but for most top dog programmers at sap who have been translating their stuff into different program languages for years, should find the differences to be just in keywords.

The main reason that it would be great to get the sap gui to work natively on mac is because of the new IPAD. The new IPAD is going to be as big as the iphone and may eventually replace the iphone in a later version as you can Bluetooth into it and use a VOIP like skype to make your phone calls on it through the no contract service provided by AT&T. So to have apps developed that would link your IPAD to your companies MAC server would be cool at the least but also be a boost to productivity out in the field. The IPAD can link to your MAC also so if you have a presentation program like Renewed visions pro-presenter, you can present your presentations to clients and potential clients in a level of professionalism that Microsoft can only dream about. So let the fun begin.




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