Friday, January 8, 2010

ABAP 00 Concepts from the ABAP freekshow

Greetings. I know that the concept of Object Oriented programming is scary to say the least for most of us. Fortunately Thomas Jung has put together a series of 5 videos that help to explain the concepts behind oo and why it is being used more and more by SAP.
Before you get started on learning all this cool stuff, check out The Enterprise geeks website where you can watch an amazing collection of these videos that will prove to be invaluable in learning SAP and ABAP.
Below is the First video. This one talks about the basic concepts of oo. He explores the class builder with you and talks about the terminology.

Part 1 - Basics

In the second video Thomas talks about instance, vs static, visibility and exception classes. inheritance and polymorphism.

Part 2 - Classes, Inheritance, Visibility, Polymorphism

In video 3 Thomas talks about the the Persistent Object. With Persistent Objects you don’t code any SQL statements. Instead a class is generated for you that contains SET and GET methods for reading and updating data.

Part 3 - Persistent Objects

Part 4 - User Interface

Part 5 - Putting It All Together

I would like to thank you Thomas for putting these together for all of us in the SAP community. These video's are a great learning tool.
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