Sunday, December 27, 2009


Official Avatar Movie

This has rapidly become my favorite movie.
I went to see this Wednesday afternoon with my best friend at the IMax in 3D. The story is well written, you become very attached to the characters and the story in itself is excellent. I see this becoming the next star wars. I usually don't go and see many movies, but this is one I am going to see again, and if I can, again still. I foresee that I will also be having this in my collection of movies.

I would comment about the religious nay-Sayers and their pious view of the movie, but pharisee-ism pi##'s me off and I am in too good of a mood to let them get me down today. that will be a rant for a different day. Just go see the movie. Science fiction space movies are for enjoyment, so enjoy it.
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