Monday, August 24, 2009

using pro-presenter for your sermons points

Tried something different this past weekend as we started the new series titled “Yesterday”.

We were looking for a way to have a small movie file looping behind the bullet points and scripture references.

This appeared to be quite difficult if not impossible to do in key-note.

So we decided to use Pro-Presenter to present the sermon notes and slides and found it to work just fine.

So How do you do it?

Start with a new presentation and put a couple of blank slides into it.

Put the desired loop background onto a slide, this helps you in deciding what color font to use and where to position the fonts for best readability.

Now start typing in or using copy and paste if you are getting the notes of from a document.

It is good to know also that you can select and change font sizes not only as a whole but individually on words or even just certain letters as well. So I use a size 30 font for scripture references along with verse numbers and used a larger font like 42 for the passage in general. Depending on how busy the background is supposed to be determines how much verbiage is placed on each slide.

You can copy and paste your template slide and keep adding text. If you have a series logo that will be used between points, this can be added as well.

Put a blank slide ( key the + sign) and then using command key drag your picture or .mov file up to the presentation layer of the window and drop it on the blank slide you just added. This puts a background queue directly into the presentation and as you are arrow through the presentation during the sermon, the backgrounds change automatically as you select them in the show.

You can also do the same thing if you have a movie clip, or even an audio clip to play. As you drag it up to the presentation level of the window, a queue gets created for the object so that when selected, whatever the object is begins to play.

Be sure to save your work often as nothing is more discouraging then to get a great deal of the show down and have a malfunction of some sort wipe it out.

You now have a presentation that takes your show to the next level of professionalism. Try to remember to use a fairly subtle moving background behind the text as to not become distracting and actually take away from the point of the text instead of enhancing it.

So have fun with it and remember who we really are working for.

It’s for His glory and honor that we spend so much time in effort putting together the best shows possible to help the teaching pastor or speaker present the message to the audience.

Be Blessed.








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