Tuesday, February 24, 2009




I have to admit it, I love taking pictures. I love looking at pictures that I took or that others have taken of friends family and aquaintenances.

I am a sentamentalist and pictures is just another way of expressing oneself poetically. It likes being artisitc but with a camera.

I still use 35mm, and the reason that I do is that digital camera that take good high resolution pictures are still not affordable for me yet.

But I do have a good work around for that. I develop tha film and have it put on a cd at the place I have it developed at. This place is good and

I get high resolution pictures on CD that I then upload into my computer. I have blogged some of these pictures. I should blog more.

Anyway, I just love to look at Gods creation as captured on film which is not as good as being there but still good enough to give you a sense of being there,

or with whoever and whatever was in the photo.

There are many times that I will look through my pictures and laugh out loud at some of the goofy things or people I took pictures of, Its great. It’s a good

way as well to releave stress and keep your memory alive my exercizing your brain, and besides if you don't go overboard with it, photography is a cool hobby to have.

(besides being a computer geek that is).


This picture though was taken with my mac.
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