Wednesday, February 4, 2009

is it really about the attendance?!?

Got into a discussion with a Baptist friend about innovation in the church, drawing in the lost with technology, upbeat music. Their theology doesn't agree with pulling in the lost that way.

He said what good is it to bring them in if they eventually move on and go somewhere else?

My thought on that is this… So what. We exist to plant seeds in the hearts and live of those needing Christ. If after we plant the seeds they decide to move on to another church and get that seed cultivated there, who's business is that but Gods. It is God who does the work anyway, we are just told to plant the seed and if possible cultivate it. God will bring about the increase in their life. We can't save anyone. It is not our job. It is God's job to take the message and convict unbelieving people of their error. When we start thinking that it is our job to convict people, we become judge mental and ineffective in drawing people to Christ, matter of fact like putting two negative sides of a magnet together, we usually end up repelling people away from Christ that way. We have to approach reaching people the same way Christ reached people. Take your theological bull and set it aside. Christ reached people through relationships. He befriended the friendless, helped the hopeless, was kind to the wretched, The Holy Spirit that was in him convicted people more than anything he said. He forgave them, ate with them, and took the load of baloney they were carrying from them and set them free. Free from religion, free to follow Christ. free from guilt and shame. If Christ has forgiven someone, who do I think I am if I condemn them? They shall know that they are my followers by their LOVE. God is LOVE, LOVE comes from God. so let's just stop. stop being pious about how church services should look, for if we really think about it, even your church service the way it is would be considered heresy 100 years ago-get over it.




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