Friday, February 13, 2009

abap training

Sometimes you just have to take training into your own hands. When I first became a programmer, we were and currently are using Cobol, in fact two flavors of Cobol at that. So I went and bought me a book and learned structured programming on my own. transferring many of the structuring ideas into some of the programs I was writing. I have been at it now almost 5 years.

The flavor of program language is changing again and again I find myself lacking in the training department so I have got me another book. ABAP objects. The book comes with 2 cd's as well and 530 pages of useful information on learning to program using ABAP and ABAP objects. I just hope that the ABAP workbench will install on my laptop (MAC osx tiger), If not I will have to install boot camp which means shelling out another $100 bucks to get a full version of windows XP 2nd edition. either way is fine. I have a work bench installed on my vista system, it’s the trial version for learning with that you can download from SDN. It is a 3gb download so be prepared for it to take what seems like forever. The problem with my vista machine is 1. it’s a vista machine (no further explanation needed), 2. it is in the family room where all the noise resides. For some reason sponge bob doesn't spark creativity in me, I more want to just run screaming out of the room.

So I really need to get this installed on my macbook so that I can go anywhere where it is quiet and work on learning. I have written my first training exercise that they have given at work and it went pretty good with the exception of my inner join was referencing a child table first instead of a parent table. I am getting a grasp on the one to many concept where your main referencing table should be the one in one to many and the child tables in the joins should be the line item references that are joined by primary keys in the program. It should go alright now. Rewrote the code and tested it and with the exception of one of the child tables being incomplete (it’s a discovery test system sandbox), so I had to de-link one of the primary reference keys to get the program working again. I kept a copy of the correctly written code for later use in the event that they get the table fixed on the sandbox. So this weekend, I am planning on diving right into geekdom and get a jump start on learning. wish me luck, and may the Schwartz be with you. (as said by yogurt in space balls)




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