Monday, November 10, 2008


Well call me guillable, or just plain stupid, but I broke down and replaced the home pc that fried and died with another pc. I bought a gateway refurb with 3g's ram and a thricore processor. It is just a shame that it is running windows. It is a nice unit otherwise. I spent the entire stinking weekend trying to get it running right, which I finally did on sunday night just before bed, and it required that I take the CA internet securities suite that I just paid $80.00 for and chuck it in the trash where it belongs. I had to do a system recovery to get that thing off the computer. It refused to uninstall and then totally jazzed up the system, lukily I could get system restore to work. So I tried to download the internet protection suite that the ATT from which I get my DSL from (McAfee) it downloaded and installed and wouldn't run. so back to Norton I went (humbug) downloaded a 15day trial version of systemworks and ater letting it fix around 150 registry errors, the system is now running correctly, speedily and virus free. But in 15 days I have to spend another $80.00 for the licencing. (B.S.!) I wish I had gone with my hunch and just got a Mac mini.
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