Wednesday, October 1, 2008

memories from youth




I can remember back when I was still real young, the struggles that mom and dad had trying to make ends meet. Dad worked full time for a grocery store, but that wasn't the greatest paying job, but it was something he was good at and that was what he liked to do. Mom would take in laundry from some of the more well to do people in town and also did ironing on the side as well as taking in kids and helping get them ready for school because both parents worked. Mom did the laundry using a old style (although the machine was quite new then) wringer machine. Most of the time I can remember that mom was always standing in the dining room with an ironing board open, ironing clothes that weren't ours. If they spent anything, it was cash saved, (more like nickles and dimes pinched to save). How many of us now days would be able to do that? I have difficulties saving anything as what I do make is spent before I make it. But. I need to. I had to charge the kids tuition this year, it has got so high that I can't afford to send my kids to even public school. This year's tuition was $710.00. I hear the complaints in the city about the funding disparities which is true, but are they also spending $700 + for their end of the tuition as well? We have a serious case of entitlement syndrome that is bringing about the demise of our culture. Everyone else owes me but I don't need to take responsibility for my own actions. This is what we and our kids are being taught on TV. We also think that we are entitled to: Cable or satellite TV, High speed internet, Personal cell phones (even for our grade school age kids), Brand new cars as needed, or at least trade in what we got on a quarter decade basis, boats, High definition televisions, TiVo, toys, toys and more toys, and we are charging all of this on credit. This is what economists call the American way, it is what is supposed to be good for the economy. Maybe, but it sucks for the family, for we never learn to appreciate what we have, never get any satisfaction for having to save up for something and the joy of finally being able to get it. The value of everything then is lost and we end up appreciating nothing and coveting everything. And with the economic state we are currently in, many feel hopelessly lost. But guess what? God says that "The earth is mine, and everything in it", The stars too. We are managers of what God has entrusted us to manage. Read the story about managing here. And listen to last week's sermon from Pastor Scott, that will help as well. You can find it HERE.

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