Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a questions from Revelations 13



I was reading revelations 13 yesterday when this question came to my mind as if the Lord was asking me personally a question, and the question was this:

"If I waited to take my followers home until after the rise of the anti-christ, and you could no longer buy or sell unless you had the mark on your right hand or forhead, would you not take the mark and be willing to lose everything for me?"

OW, I would want to say yes, but could I? I have a family, I have stressed my self over and over, working night and day to provide for them in this economy that could be failing as to setup for the rise of the anti-christ to be revealed as the "Fix everything" person and which would generate a great following for him. Could I resist taking the mark? Persecution of the followers of Christ is hitting an all time high already across the world. Its easy to follow Christ when it doesn't cost anything, but. The time is near when following him may cost me everything. I hope that this "everything" isn't my god, and that I would give it all to the one true God, even if it made my life forfeit.


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