Friday, September 12, 2008

Its just that easy...

Youtube has made it easy to share video's on your blog and it's fast, easy, takes very little effort, and it saves you from having to e-mail all your friends with the latest cool, or stupid in some cases videos which are probably laden down with viruses in the first place. I have found that if the video exists, has been on the e-mail circuit for a little while (you can tell by how deep into the e-mail you have to navigate before you find the video that was sent to you), Most likely you will find the same video on youtube. So instead of passing that video and possible viruses on to your friends, search the movie on youtube, it only takes a minute or less to find if it exists there. If it does look for the embed code to the right and copy the whole string and past it on your blog entry. Now send a fresh clean e-mail to your friends with the link to your blog and voila, your friends get to watch the cute, funny, or stupid video without having to worry about getting infected by a virus, plus you are doing your part to rid the world of spam because your 2k e-mail message takes up a lot less space than the 2m message that the video was in and it is done. If your friends want to see it they will pull up your blog and check it out. If not then so what. They can delete your message, no harm done.

Here is a clip that explains my point. It is a mac vs PC spoof done very well by someone, and instead of mailing it all over creation, I will link the embed code below and it will be viewable by whoever feels like watching it.

Wow, a world record, It took me 37 seconds to find, grab the embed code and post this video.
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