Sunday, September 28, 2008

good memories from moving in to new church in 2000

Here is a picture of Pastor Larry talking with mom and dad at the celebration of the new church.

Pastor had the board of deacons come up and He interviewed them and their wives about the struggles and victories that they were facing and overcame in a move as big as the one God was calling us to.

On the day we officially left the old building and moved to the new they celebrated the old timers that were a part of the old church back when it was the new church building.

I grew up in this church and have very many fond memories, and as I grow older, I remember the good people I knew who have paved the way for me and many whom have since gone home and are with the master this day. I will join them someday and until then will take joy in remembering what God is doing in our community, what He has already done, and I look forward to seeing what He has planned yet to come.
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