Friday, September 19, 2008

Another good memory

I remember going to Champain Urbana Illinois around Easter weekend for a youth conference called CA Convention.

This was something that the assembly of God youth across the state(s) would do once a year for education, bible teaching and fellowship. This was the first place that I met who was then director of something in the Assembly of God main group or some big title like that, This person I had got a gut feeling that I just had to go and meet. He had finished speaking to a group of over 500 kids and youth in a collage hall setting like an auditotium and I was moved to go and introduce myself to him. This was 1975 (I think) and the Man's name was Larry Hodge. Little did I know that within months he would be our pastor at what was then called First Assembly og God in Aurora, Now known as Orchard Valley Community Church. It was one of those moments that I will always remember, because I was just a dumb kid then and he took the time to talk with me a few minuites that he didn't have to take. He has since shown that this was a genuine care for people and that always showed and my life was impacted possitively because of it. One of my biggest trials is to forget that this same care for people is right in the heart of God and this care I should strive to show just as Larry did, my tendency is to hide from people, but then I lose out on getting to know some really good people by doing that. For some reason I was just reminded of that.




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