Sunday, August 24, 2008

proprenter tricks

I have tried a new trick in propresenter that helps out as we use two computers because we don’t have the high tech video switching system that is in use at the mega churches. So that means we need to try and keep some sort of synchronization between the two computer outputs happening. We use backgrounds with lyrics on the twin screens and just backgrounds on the big screen. so being it is mainly backgrounds on the one screen, I set up a presentation like if it were a song. each slide in the “song” is then linked to the background que and labeled what it is. ie verse - salvation is here, chorus-salvation is here etc. laying out the entire order of service in front of me in que’s and then as an added bonus, assigning hot keys to “key elements” so at to be able to nail them by pressing just a key on the keyboard. this works with video backgrounds, video presentations, pictures, whatever. and if you use the same hot key assignments for both computers, you can have the same operator hit the hot key on both keyboards at the same time to sync up the drastically changing backgrounds so they flow together as if they were running on the same computer.

Well hopefully this will be of help to someone. Just because your church can’t afford the high tech, doesn’t mean you can look as if you are high tech. the program does a great job for churches on a budget.
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