Sunday, August 17, 2008

Macs just work

It was around Late winter early spring last year that I bought me one of these...

Every morning, I check my e-mail, every evening, I do something creative on it. and the best part is, I Don't spend 85% of my time trying to get it to work, run maintenance on it, get virus definitions, check for updates, try to get rid of virus' and other nastiness that slow the thing down to a crawl. Just not needed with a mac. My mac is one that I bought from apple store and is refurbished, Apple's online store cost $300 more than a PC, but, I don't spend $70 annually for virus programs and security suites, I didn't have to spend $$$ to but a movie editing program that would go obsolete within a month of purchasing it, I didn't have to go get a video capturing devise for more $$$. Macs' already come with all of that. So if you add up what comes with a mac vs what comes with a PC (lately just a PC, and a buggy O.S.); the Mac is actually more fiscally responsible. So don't let the cheapness of a PC fool you, you always always get what you paid for, and many times it is less. It's like buying a pair of fake name brand shoes and wondering why they lasted only 5 months, where when you spend twice the price for a quality pair and they last you 2 to 3 years. do the math, greed blinds us into thinking that something cheap is a great value just because its cheap, but garbage by any other name is still garbage whether its a PC, shoes, clothes or just about anything you can get at a discount mart no matter what the name of the over advertised store may be. It's like eating a fast food burger, made mostly out of stuff we would throw out if we were cooking at home. We need to wake up and remember that A good product DOESN'T need to be advertised or will use just minimal advertising, it's quality will sell it by word of mouth advertisers on the other hand make money by making you believe a line that has only some truth in it and the rest is over dramatization.
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