Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Momories of computing the old way

Way back in me youth I bought me a computer called the VIC 20.
I learned to program in basic back then and then it hardly even worked. You had to save to a cassette, and loading was just as slow. My VIC 20 introduced me to a great annoyance called the syntex error. That used to bug me, whenever I would be typing in a program (most programs were so small thats how you loaded them), I would get a syntex error and it would make me nuts. After I gave my VIC 20 away to a friend and waiting quite a few years for another purchase, I bought a starion pentium tower PC with windows 95 on it (in 1998 on Superbowl Sunday) Where the first thing I did when I got it home was to totally jaz it up and had to use the reinstall disks to get it back. Within a year I had to do that 4 times. Then I purchased windows 98, then Windows ME (the worst operating system Microsoft ever made, and I think that they owe us an apology for selling it to us), and then I go XP which I still use. Ain't got enough RAM for vista, and I hear that vista is rivaling ME to see which keeps worst operating system ever status. So far Microsoft is batting a thousand with good to bad O.S. systems. I think I will upgrade my macs ram to 2 gig and run parallels on it and be happy with a good chunk of hardware/software that really does what it should. (Go Mac!)
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