Tuesday, June 10, 2008

read with your spouse



I started probally three years ago or maybe four, reading two to three chapters from the Bible out loud with Katy just before we called it a night. Every night whether we were wiped from a busy day, or getting to bed late from a late day, we made sure we read at least one chapter. Occasionally when I would get from my second job quite late, we would miss the reading time together, and it has become such a valued part of ending our day together that we do miss the time together when we cant read. We started with one of my older translations and read that cover to cover and then purchased a NLV, Message and now we are on the NIV couples bible. Each we start at Genesis and work our way through to Revelations. It is a good way to end your day. We tried reading the KJV, but could not because the old english venacular was just too much. we are just about through the fourth version and may just buy the latest edition of the message and start in that soon. But which ever version we are in it is good to snuggle up with Kat and the word and let God tuck us in at night.


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