Thursday, May 15, 2008


Chris wrote about twittering at his blog, check it out HERE, I have just started twittering and it is great. It is like instant messaging but to your blog, with the possibility of a copy of what you just wrote going to as many of your friends who also may want to follow you. You also follow your friends and you can jot ideas, things that just pop into your head (some may just be inspirational) or just what you are doing. Your friends care about what you do and say as much as you care about them and this is just another way to stay connected, informed and best of all, In Prayer for your friends, family and leaders. If God brings one of your leaders to mind, twitter a prayer for him or her, God knows our thoughts, but our friends don't, and as we pray for one another through this means, it just may spark one of our friends to pray with us as well, Bringing up to the Father a need that He wants to meet in their lives, or a situation that only He can help prevent, but won't unless asked to. James tells us that We have not because we ask not. Hopefully I can start something here that will benefit all of us as we call upon Gods grace and mercy for our elders, friends and family. Doesn't even have to be long or specific, When God brings to your mind someone, say  or twitter a quick prayer for them, who knows, It may be just what they needed.




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