Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lightscribe and cd duplication

Out of curiosity I did some research on the lightscribe technology and whether or not it would look and or do us good in the production environment at church, What I did find was that it takes up to 30 minutes to burn a label. YIKES! as many disks as we go through that would not work.

We currently are using a thermal printer which is slow, but gives a permanent label that looks good.

The inkjet ones look good as well, but how permanent is the ink?

We eventually will be needing to upgrade or replace what we are using as the equipment is showing the warning signs of wearing out and may start to give us trouble but for now until a better system can be found, It will have to hold together.

I like the look of light scribe, I just wish it was faster (It runs at 1x), so graphically intense labels will take forever to print.

Lightscribe is still fairly new though so I can only hope that as the lasers evolve, they will get faster and better.

I found this image on line of how lightscribe labeled disks can look, It is nice, I just wish that it didn't take 30 minuites to work.

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