Tuesday, April 1, 2008

word press

I have started to really like the way the word press blog layout and functionality and overall good looks-look. When a link to a webpage is inserted and your readers mouse over the link, a small pop up preview of the webpage that you are pointing at in the link appears. this is not only helpful but is pretty cool as well.
I more than likely will be taking up a more permanent residence on the word press blog (which by the way you can read my entries on it by clicking HERE. Now one of the distractions so far is that I still haven't seen the methods that can be used to e-mail entries into my blog yet like I am currently doing now with blogger. I am composing this blog entry from my e-mail program and will send it directly to my blog and it will format it and post it using the HTML coding that the e-mail editor is using to set up the e-mail. The only problem is that I can't send pictures via e-mail to the blog, I have to upload them. That in some way could be a good thing as if someone found out the e-mail address to the blog they could send a whole mess of pornographic, virus laden images to your blog and make you look bad as well as infect the computers of your readers, So not allowing the e-mailing of pics is o.k. I guess. Maybe in the long run the ability to e-mail to your blog is something that many people in positions of leadership would not want as it would be easier to capture the address from an e-mail and then make them look bad as well. So scratch that, I probably should be taking the time to log into my account and make my entries look better, more professional, and above all else, secure so that my readers would really know that this entry is indeed from ME.
So check out my new blog HERE and see if it looks a tad bit better than this one, if so let me know, if it totally sucks, well don't let me know then (LOL) friendly constructive criticism is always welcome as long as it is not mean spirited and has a valid argument to it.
More later at my other blog.
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