Thursday, March 27, 2008

The parable of the test

consider this
A teacher hands out a test and tells her students to read all of the questions on the test before filling in the test and that this would be a critical step in determining who passes the test and who wouldn't pass the test. So she hands out the test and the students start working feverishly to complete the test. One student took his test back up to the teacher and the teacher handed him a new one and He sat down and started to read that test to work on it as well. At the end of the class, the teacher collected the tests and told her students that the results of the test would be discussed first thing in the morning the next day. Many students wondered how they did on the test and even discussed how many of the answers on the multiple choice test did not fit the questions. and most of the students admitted that they never made it to the last question on the test. The next day after class started the teacher asked the students if they thought they passed the test, several students raised they hands in confidence. The teacher responded that only 1 student passed the test. every one gasped as wondered who was that smart that they could pass that test? The teacher explained, there were no right answers on that test. If you would have read through the test to the end before starting to answer the questions you would have seen that the very last question said to take the test back to the teacher and get a new one. Bill did just that and the new test was already filled in with the correct answers and told him to just put his name on the top of the test and turn it in at the end of the day. This is why all of you failed the test and Bill passed. All of the students were in shock at this and could not believe that it could have been that easy to pass the test, but it was too late for them. only Bill passed the test because He believed what the teacher said at the start of the test that it was a critical step to read the whole test before starting it.

It seems that we also have a test. are we listening to the teacher? He already has the answers filled in on this test as well all we have to do is believe him and put our name at the top and hand it in for He knew in advance that there would be no way that we could pass this test on our own so He came and took the test for us. If we believe that His answers on this test are correct and put out faith in Him, we will pass the test as Bill passed the test that the teacher gave out in the class, If we think that there is another way to pass the test we will fail because all of the answers that are on the test are wrong. So the decision is ours and it all boils down to this... Do we believe that Christ is the answer and turn in to God the test He gives us that is already filled in with the correct answers, or are we going to feverishly try to do the test on our own even though there are no correct answers on it? The choice has been left up to us.
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