Saturday, March 1, 2008

The apprentice

It was early October 2004.

They were doing a new series at the church called The Apprentice. To kick off the series Pastor came out in a Donald trump wig and fired every one on the stage. It was incredibly funny. I only wish we could have got a picture of it. I was reminded today of Pastors passing in church tonight. Pastor Scott talked to us about death and the afterlife as we started a new series called the other side.

He opened the series up by re-telling of his own fathers death. maybe a week or two after the apprentice series started. October 20. I remember the day well as I got a call about it and just in disbelief could not accept it. I had lost my own father just short of a year ago by 2 weeks. But one thing we do know about death, and Scott taught us tonight about that and it is what the bible tells us, and that is to be absent from our body is to be present with the Lord. I believe that Larry and my dad Richard are both present with the Lord and in much better shape than they were down here. I tell you, I miss them both terribly but would not want to wish them back here because of the joy they they have now and the joy we will have when we finally get there ourselves.

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