Sunday, February 3, 2008


The cutest thing about T.C. was all of the strange places He liked to sleep. whether it was on top of the fish tank or on my shoulder He could make himself comfortable just about anywhere. During Christmas you could always find him under the tree. He like to go for rides to the kitchen riding on my shoulder. When I was still a driver for the company I work for, I inherited a dog from one of the other workers who moved to an apartment and could not keep him. He was a cocker spaniel and He was 7 when we got him and probally had him another 8 years after that. The cat and dog liked each other and got along pretty well. The cat of course was king of the roost and the dog knew it. The first dog I hade was a springer spaniel with some pointer named Miss C, she loved to go fishing with Katy and me.
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