Thursday, January 31, 2008


Here is a picture of my mother and her two sisters Gladys and Bessie. Uncle Scoop has passed from this life into a better life that awaites and we said Goodbye to him yesterday and celebrated his life and the good memories that we all were able to share with him. One of my favorite memories was of the whole family getting together at Christmas time and making candy canes and not just any candy canes but these made the store bought kind taste like flavorless crap. They had the best candy canes you could have. They had cinnimen flavored ones which were my favorite and the others as well. They also would weave the candy into basket shapes and then fill the baskets with home made chocolates...Yummy! The tradition has since faded but their youth group at church still makes some for fundrasing which is cool. I will have to get some next time around. Uncle Scoops house was the first place I ever saw color television in my youth as well. We had a 25" black and white Philco at home which got the old standard free channels of 2 5 7 9 11 and if the weather was good you could get 32 and 44. If you wanted to change the channel you got up and changed it yourself. So we always watched the same channel from the start of the show till the end of the show commercials and all so that we wouldn't have to get up and change the channel. We had no channel surfing so even now to this day channel surfers drive me crazy. Just leave it there and watch one show at a time not 7 shows. I could never understand that, how can you find out the plot of the show if you are constanly changing the channel?
but anyway, We were over at Uncle Scoops house and the wizard of oz came on. We had watched the wizard of oz at home before so what was the big deal. it started off looking just like the one we saw at home. it was also in black and white, that was until Dorothy landed in oz. Dang! it was in color! that just blew us away because we had never seen color television before. it was just too cool.
Another good memory was of my Grandpa who live right next door until he could no longer take care of himself and then he lived with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Scoop. Grandpa was my favorite, mom tells me when I was still real young I would love to just sit on his lap and listen to him tell us stories. This seems to be a past time that is rapidly disappearing. Hopefully I can learn to slow down and learn to talk again.
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