Thursday, November 15, 2007

new version of Pro-Presenter

I have seen the new and latest version of ProPresenter and it is looking good for the most part, They have made some good changes like allowing you to set up DVD clips into the DVD library and run those from within ProPresenter. I am looking forward to getting the chance to experiment with this new feature and see just how well this is going to work. I ran a DVD the other day using iDVD and using the settings of having full screen go directly into display 2, the remote is on the desktop, this works good if you pre set the movie to go, but if you are in need to jump from clip 1 to clip 2 and etc, this new version of ProPresenter seems to be fully capable of doing this for us. I did notice a small glitch in which I hope they are working on correcting. The glitch is that the text for the slides that are in being viewed by the operator no longer are synchronized with how it will look on the display for the audien! ce and may even over lap the edges of the thumbnails. It made me nervous when I first opened the new version and saw that my song that was laid out looked awful but when I put the slide up on the display it was just fine. I wonder if it was just an oversight and I think that it will be an easy fix for them and it should be fixed in a few days. Otherwise the program should be fine and it will be cool to see just how well the new DVD features work. Back in the days when we used a P.C. (shudder here), we used easy worship which also had a DVD section to it and we had used it and it was fair. I hope that the ProPresenter programmers have made it easier to navigate the clips and set them up. We shall see in a few days.
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