Monday, November 26, 2007

global warming...a farsk?

I am listening to the radio and am finding out that the whole global warming thing is put together through faulty science that threw together a scare tactic called forcing and that this forcing with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is called global warming. These bogus calculations that were added to their calculation programs are turning back inflated data to support their cause and thus add to the global warming bureaucracy and that these scare tactics are put in place so that we will continue to fund their research. They show you the polar ice caps melting but don't tell you about the antarctic ice caps expanding. These are natural occurrences and I would almost bet that in a few more years we will see the antarctic icecaps melting while the polar icecaps are expanding and the global warming experts will be pointing out the melting of those whi! le intentionally not reporting the expanding of the icecaps on the other end of the globe. so anyway check out moody's website at and hopefully they will have links posted soon about some of this.
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