Friday, November 16, 2007

background elements for ProPresenter movies

I have been reading up on the backgrounds and hoe we can use them in the shows to make a better impact with the songs. One thing that I just read and thought was pretty cool was the palindrome setting. Palindrome will play the clip forward tot he end then play it backwards to the beginning and so on where looping will play the clip from beginning to end and back to the beginning again. Some of the clips we use have distinctive start and stop points which make it choppy when it is looping may actually look better playing it in palindrome mode. So I am going to try and set some up that way and see how they look.
Another thing I noticed it that you can set up background cues within the song on the presentation layout screen. I was wondering about this as it becomes distracting to jump to the backgrounds page to change backgrounds and then of you don't click in the layout pane then if you hit the right arrow on the keyboard, you change backgrounds again. (very nerve wracking), but if the background cues works as I am reading it, then as you are presenting the song, when you get to a background cue then the background elements automatically changes totthat element and you can just keep on trucking on. every slide after that cue that does not have a cue preset will lay the text over what is currently playing till you get to the next cue which changes the background again. I have pasted the test from ProPresenters help webpage below for your reading and interpretation...

Creating Background Cues


In addition to choosing backgrounds on the fly, you may wish to create a Background Cue, which triggers a particular Background when a slide is chosen. While holding down the Command (Apple) key, drag a background from the Backgrounds Bin onto a Foreground slide. This creates a "Background Cue", adding a "BG" icon and thumbnail image to the slide as a visual indicator.

NOTE: Be aware that you are not "Setting a Background" for this slide, but rather "Triggering" a background to play when this slide is selected. All text slides that do not have background cues will display over the currently playing background. You should not assign the same background to multiple slides in a row as this serves no purpose and will restart the background at the beginning of every slide you choose.

You can remove a background cue by control- or right-clicking the foreground slide and selecting "Clear Background".

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