Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday at the Orchard (IT ROCKED THE HOUSE!)

Saturday was way cool, we had just short of 400 people come out for the debut of the new Saturday service and it was awesome!
The Band was great as always (we have been blessed with a tremendous group of extraordinarily talented musicians!)
The audio visual was quite a challenge, but we got it going and it was very good, Sunday was better because we learned from our minor mistakes, and even was able to polish the edges on the video transitions and made a very good presentation even better.
with 3 screens, 2 Macs, and now 2 KVM video switching consoles, we had to learn some new ways to transition from Pro-presenter to Keynote with out having the very noticeable screen flash/sync that we got Saturday, so what we decided was to start from a black screen, set the KVM's the screens now will sync up un-noticeable and then they are ready for the next video segment, which Pro-presenter wasn't handling very well, It uses quick time, so when we would drop a 400mb movie into the video folder, the program would lock up, drag down the mac to a crawl, and we even crashed once Saturday. so Keynote already works very well with video's and the videos we were playing were very integral to the sermon which was on keynote already, so we added the pre-sermon to the front of the keynote presentation and put the mid-sermon video in the proper place inside of the keynote presentation set the video not to play when selected but to wait for the mouse click (or next arrow on the keyboard) so when the band was finished with the last song, and the pre-service video was up next, we would fade the screens to black, switch the KVM's so all three screens would be run by the Mac being used for the Keynote presentation, Hit play on keynote fade down the lights and press the right arrow on the keyboard and Ta-da, there goes the video on all three screens with out anyone seeing the screens sync, or suspect that we have changed programs that were running. after the video, we had the transition slide as the next slide in the presentation, but we needed to switch the video's back to being operated separately by the two Macs (sides on one center on the other) so while the screens were still black and the lights were coming up we switched the KVM's back to were they needed to be and the screens synced up without notice. Now we need to keep ProPresenter running on the sides for the nursery alerts function and so we have the sermon transition slide that we use between topic points on the keynote presentation saved as a .JPG and put on the MAC used for the sides as a ProPresenter background, so with a coordinated effort we both changed to the transition slide at the same time and the transition slide went up at the same time; and we repeated this exercise when the mid sermon video clip was ready to play, which was powerful and thought provoking as well as a little disturbing. if I can find it on you tube I will post the video.
Scott's message was Top Notch, The John 10:10 was right on and some thing we tend to forget; That Jesus came to give us life, but not just life but a full life and we can get this full life by following His example of thinking of others and remembering that life is not just about me. Scott's main sermon point...A full life is focused on WE not ME. That is what it's all about. So stay tuned and I will post a link to the pictures if Scott, Chris or Mike blog's any of them and if I find the video that was used in the middle of the sermon, I will embed it as well.
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