Sunday, October 14, 2007

new screen debut...

the new screen's had their debut today and they looked great! there is some tweaking still that needs to be done like getting the resolution that leaves the computer set correctly to what I think that it is called "a letterbox format", otherwise in terms I understand, we need to get the image leaving the computer set to go out in the wide screen setting and then have the projectors take that image that is being sent and not pervert it in anyway and leave it in the resolution that is being sent. Today, the projectors were having to modify the image to make it wide screen, so to compensate, we had to set up the slides as wide screen, then have the program distort them back into a square squishing the side in and making it look just awful on the computer, but as they were re-stretched on the screens, they looked normal again. That is a lot of work for compensating for something that will be fixed once we get the sending resolutions and the expected resolutions to match. no one really noticed as we had the compensations set and so every thing looked good. I am sure that either Scott or Mike will be posting pictures, and being I have none to post, I will just say for you to watch their blogs for the pictures to come. I saw several being taken so I expect to be linking them within the next day or so.
The big saturday service is next Saturday at 5 p.m. (October 20th 2007) so be sure to come out for our Saturday debut as well. The new series "Suburban mythes" will be satrting and It sounds like it is going to be a great series. God has a lot of things planned for the Orchard, and the city of Aurora as well. When lives are changed, and God is glorified, It is just so cool!
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