Thursday, October 25, 2007

new discovery with the new version of keynote

I found a new thing that will prove to be quite useful in the new version of keynote. It used to really bum me that we couldn't switch to another application while a keynote show was playing, but not any longer. With the new version of keynote, while the show is running, you can command tab and keynote will release the screen to whatever running application had it last. This is quite an advantage as we no longer have that lag time of escaping out of a keynote show to put up a nursery alert in ProPresenter, we can just command tab with gives the screens back to the ProPresenter program we were using, and while using the series transition as a background, a even slighter blink happens than when you have to escape out of the keynote show, now you can put up a nursery alert, run a movie in IDVD or QuickTime, and then Command tab back through your applications to the running keynote show and you are back to where you were and r! eady for the next slide. This will prove quite handy as we were having a bit of an issue with keynote running the high definition video's last week, and this opened up the opportunity to run the video's using just about anything we want. Very cool, and Thank you Apple!.
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