Monday, October 1, 2007

Another thing found with the new version of propresenter

Another quirk has been discovered, but a good one if used right. There used to be no fast way to get from song 1 to song 2 with out clicking the song in the play list and after it loaded, playing catchup with the verses. This is no longer the case but you have to remember the key board shortcut that used to do one things no longer does. We used to be able to arrow down to get to a slide just below the one playing if that happens to be the slide you need, like when a song goes from verse to bridge then back to chorus and the bridge just happens to be sitting under where the verse ends you could hit the down arrow and the selected slide would be the one just below where you were. This no longer works, as now when you hit the down arrow, the next song in the play list loads ( and a lot faster then they used to) into the active screen and is ready for use, which if your operator wasn't expecting this, will be very confusing to ! him or her. I can see why they implemented this change, as we have had to combine songs together into the same song because there was no quick way to jump from the one to the other, now if your music leader decides to jump from song one to song two and back to song one again, just hit the up or down arrows to toggle between songs and select the verse or chorus and voalla, no sweat.

Note 10/04/2007...Just noticed last night that the arrow key no longer wraps from the last slide to the first, it jumps you into the first slide of the next song in the play list. so exercise caution when you are near the last of the slides. A good habit would be to have at least one blank slide at the end of each song as a good place to end the song with out the next one loading, and a place to go in case your arrow key takes a 2 slide jump (nervous finger syndrome).
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