Sunday, September 23, 2007

video backgrounds

We use video backgrounds from highway video and they have a great selection of videos that you can preview from their website and purchase. Today, I got an e-mail from Christianity today and they had a link on their e-mail to a partner site that also has the highway video collection on sale at 40% off. Along with the highway video backgrounds though, they also have power point templates (how quaint), and other links that i will probably browse through at a later time.
I still like the stuff you can get (for free) at free stock footage but i have yet to find out how any of their high resolution videos are. They are greater in length I could see by looking at the description, but there is no preview for the better files. Many many years ago when I first started in this, I got some of my ideas from a website right here in Illinois called using power point in church and this was put together by a minister who must have been way above his time, because this was ground breaking by the standards back then. I just revisited his site again and I see He has updated it and it is looking decent. He also has some links on his site that may be useful. If you have a volunteer who is exceptionally creative (and has a mac because creativity is easier on a mac, but not always especially with vista coming out), they can design background elements in keynote or in imovie and save them and quick-time movies and you can use them as well. So anyway enjoy yourself while working, it is fun to be creative and it is also great to see that you are making a difference in many peoples lives by using your creativity for the Lord.
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