Friday, September 21, 2007

.net soon to run on a mac

I don't know how breaking this news is but it sounds like a pretty cool idea anyway. I searched the MSDN  Website mainly because I want to learn how to program in today's modern computer environment, but my laptop is a mac (A good thing) and The visual basic c-sharp programs that are using the .net framework, won't install on a mac running osx. well it sounds like that is about to change.
I found this blog entry that says that the Microsoft guru's are working on a .net framework that will also run on Mac osx (it couldn't be because the new windows vista closely resembles osx anyway?!?) So I will find this reading to be very interesting. I, in one way can't wait, yet in another I have to wonder if this opens the door for viruses and other nasties to be written to run on the mac causing us a need to now start running misc other programs to keep them out, things that currently bog our windows systems down like anti-virus, firewall with advanced intrusion protection, anti-spyware (usually you need 3 versions running at the same time) and other programs to keep your computer from being turned into a spam generating, virus reproducing zombie, that crashes often; I guess only time will tell.
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