Friday, September 7, 2007


So my superdrive is bad. I took my mac to the genius bar and they are fixing it. It is covered under warranty so all I can do it wait now.
In the meantime I have my PC at home back up and running, thanks mainly to cannibalizing an older system that I had and grabbing the video card out of it for temporary use until I can get nearly $100 for a new card with built in memory. even then, It will never be as good as the picture quality I get from the macbook. That is something that I love about my mac. It is fast, has dual core Intel processors and 512mb of ram (ungradable if I had the dinero). The picture quality is HD and I am just waiting for the new 42" Imac HD's with built in Apple TV to come out to replace the modern television. Just imagine having a TV with a blue tooth keyboard and mouse and wireless internet capabilities (due to having your airport extreme running at full power). It would be an entertainment system that couldn't be matched. You could watch you TV via high speed internet connection, play video games between you and a friend in NY city, do your taxes and render a home movie all without e! ver having to leave your easy chair. Next thing you know, they will say that leaving your house for anything will be outdated and everything you need can be ordered and delivered right to your door. which is almost where we are at now. one thing that you can't get from a computer though is authentic Christian fellowship and that you can only get by attending a church service at a real building with real people worshiping the Real God.
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