Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keynote shortcuts

I have noticed a shortcut in keynote that has saved me a lot of time when using the copy / paste functions for getting slides setup for use in the sermons. We usually get a transition slide and a use for text slide already created for us by our creative arts team which by the way do an excellent job of designing the slides for maximum effect for the audience. They do not use intense transitions between slide or cheesy effects, we save those for the power point users to play with. But they do give us a slide with the background logo, usually the series title and design element and a slide with a similar design to use as a background element to go behind the text for the scripture slides. So any way, starting with those two slides in keynote and a document done in pages with all of the points and scripture references that the speaker is going to be using in the order of appearance, it is time to get creative and put it together.

Ok. Start by selecting both the title slide and the use for text slide and from the edit menu select duplicate slides. this will give you two more slides just like the ones selected and in the same order. now select the first text slide highlight the sample text and then go to your pages layout and select the text for the first slide and copy it to the clipboard either by using the edit / copy menu or the apple C key-combination. go back to your presentation (you can toggle between the two using the apple-tab key-combination), and from the keynote menu go to edit / paste and match style. you need to resist using the apple V combination for this will paste in the format that you copied it in and not in the way you want it to be which is in the same way it is setup in keynote on the master slide. The paste and match style will paste the text using the same font that is on the master slide in keynote (that the creative arts team has setup for me already) and it will paste ! it using the same font size, and if there were any preset bullet timings involved the program will apply those to your 'set by paragraph' timings as well. This beats the heck out of having to paste things the way power point made you paste things and then you have to customize each slide as you go. Keynote will do a lot of this for you.
Ok. your first slide is done. select your two master slide and duplicate them again and keep repeating these steps until you are done.

With keynote it is easy to use pictures, and movies embedded into the show and as long as your speaker (line out) connection is hooked into your sound system, you are good to go.

One of the best features that keynote has is the ability to create quick time movies from your presentation. so if you want to setup a kiosk, lets say by your coffee bar, then you can put together just about any type of commercial presentation for your "guests" to watch while they are in line to get their morning brew. This is a good opportunity to present upcoming events, accomplishments from past events and general encouragement to those who call your church their home. So to do this create a slide show filled with pictures, movies and whatever you want on your show, add preset timings to each slide, usually around 5 seconds between, and maybe have the next slide start when your movie clips are done. when that is complete go to keynotes menu and select file / export and select the QuickTime icon. using the drop down menus from there select the use preset timings and then loop and click next. Name your file and let her rip. it will take a little while to render, ! but once you are done you can set up your newly created QuickTime movie to play in propresenter, or though the QuickTime player itself.
There is so many cool things that can be done using today's technology it is just amazing and new stuff keeps popping up all the time and by keeping your environments engaging is a major challenge to all of us. Hopefully I have been able to help with some of my ideas. And as I learn more cool stuff, I am going to try and blog them so that all of us together can make a huge difference in this world for Christ. because it is for his glory that we do anything to begin with.
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