Monday, September 10, 2007

The distraction of coffee...

Working in production, I always have a lot to do usually at the same time. So needless to say, some times my coffee mug gets in the way of the things I have got to do. There never seems to be a good place to put it for I am either at the computer, the video switcher or the light board making adjustments starting a clip or transitioning into a new lighting scene. Not nearly as difficult as it sounds until you knock your coffee mug off the counter while the room is pitch dark and you know that the lid came off and you are now standing in a pool of coffee. Drag, Not only because I have lost my go go juice, but that it made a loud thump when it hit the ground. (I think Scott must have jinxed me because He was talking in his message about Having a great environment to bring our unchurched friends to, where we can get them a StarBucks coffee, enjoy a relevant message (with out having to worry about getting them freaked out because the message was leaning more on the "trigonometry of faith for the spiritually sophisticated"), and how many of us spill our coffee and even though it costs a lot to clean the carpets, that's O.K. because it all about our guests more than it is about our comfort. (download the podcast HERE titled Open House:The Foyer, which was just posted)). Anyway, This little setback almost distracted me, but I recovered and got the next scene going without the audience suspecting that I am now standing in a puddle. We were getting ready to do the song "our house in the middle of the street" a song that is secular but relevant to the message and used to break the ice with the guests and get them prepared for the message that Scott was about to deliver. A great thing to remember about the Foyer environment is that you will get people in from just about every stage of their walk with Christ, From those who have not begun the walk yet but are curious, to those who have been walking with Christ for many years. So the Foyer environment is not a good place for a message on the seven steps to speaking in tongues or anything else that would make a "younger" believer feel spiritually inferior. For we are all Loved the same by God no matter where we are on our walk and how it is "community walking together" that pleases God for it is all about Loving God,and Loving others. That is the cake, everything else is just the frosting and we all know that too much frosting all in the same sitting can make you ill. So download Scott's podcast and check it out yourself. It goes into great detail on setting a great environment for your guests.
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