Thursday, September 13, 2007

cool new changes at the Orchard

There are some new cool changes that are going to be happening at the orchard in the next couple of weeks. We are going from our standard low definition 800 x 600 resolution square screens to a wide screen high definition setup. I hope that they are running RGB's (RED GREEN BLUE) back from the video projection system into the sound booth. We already use RGB for the DVD broadcasting but we currently have a converter box hooked into it that converts the signal into a VGA signal which is accessed by a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) and that runs into a video amplifier and sent up to the projectors in as high def as we can considering. The new system should be a lot better for this old system is comprised out of an idea I had to take us up to the next level in appearance as we were using a composite video signal to get the computer / DVD player signals up to the projectors which was definitely a low resolution but even that was better than what we had previous to! that. When I first started in production, we had a windows 95 laptop running power point hooked into the VGA video amplifier and the DVD player/VCR/Dish converter were hooked (serially) into a composite amplifier and to switch from one to the other we had to go to the front of the sanctuary during service at the time the switch was needed while the audience was watching and switch the projector modes from computer to video and then when the video was over go back up and switch them back. It was tough getting anyone to want to do that for you. so I got a computer setup that was a lot better than the laptop and with a dual video out card in it was able to go all composite and thus alleviate the need to switch back and forth from the front and just use the composite switch to do it from in the back. that was cool, but I didn't realize at the time that VGA was a much better signal than composite so I put my head together with some other technosavey people at the chur! ch and we put together the KVM switch using RGB from the DVD into a VG A converter and we also now have a IMAC with very excellent looking video out that goes into the KVM and we switch back and forth using a 4 port switch. That made a huge difference in the quality of the presentations that we were projecting onto the screens.  Now it is time to push up the Bar another notch and Scott is getting a system for the church that will have two wide screens to replace what we have currently and a 12' x 24' large screen that will cover the entire back stage. How cool is that! We also will have better lighting, better spots and a better light board to run it all. I hope that they get an electrician to segregate the audio equipments power sources from the lightings power source, maybe we can finally eliminate the ground loop hum we are getting in the amps from the lighting. Anyway, I will find out in a couple of weeks. God is getting ready to do some really cool things at the orchard and I am proud to be a part of it. I pray that God gives me the n! eeded ability to learn all of the new equipment so that I can also pass that knowledge down to those that will need training later as we keep growing and leading.
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