Friday, September 21, 2007

carbon, the c language for Mac

So, I think that learning programing in the modern computer environment, will take more than just a knowledge of c for windows, so I got to researching in the apple websites and found THIS. Carbon. Carbon from the brief 27 seconds that I read about it seems to be the C language for MAC OSX. So I will start downloading and comparing from there. They have a learning path similar to Microsoft's MSDN site which is used to help the weekend programer as well as the advanced programer. So being I am learning from scratch, I shall learn from scratch in both environments if at all possible. The fundamentals between programing in COBOL and just about any other language are similar and most of them are the same. You do need to learn the verbiage differences like the if else statement, and the elseif statements, and whether or not the evaluat! e statement is supported. so anyway, I shall keep on - keeping on. and will also post anything that I may find interesting in this as well.
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