Monday, August 20, 2007

Yikes, old memory's

It was 1991, Kat was pregnant and I was working the night shift. I wanted to keep available as I was driving a truck between 2 shuttle points. So I bought my first cellular phone and it looked similar to this. This antique was analog so people with scanners could listen in on your conversations, but so what. Only a dweeb would talk dirty on one of these anyway. I liked it because the sound was very clear and it was just like talking on a land line, except you were driving.
After the Birth of our child (and a $48,000 surgery on the baby), I upgraded to a very large Nokia handheld. This phone clipped to your belt and that was very cool. It was the size of a cb radio and almost pulled your pants off, but otherwise a pot more handy then the bag phone. I just recently gave my bag phone away to good will, but I still have my supersize (by todays standards) Nokia, it doesn't work, but I just can't part with it. (could be because of how much the dern thing costed) but anyhow, that is about all. I am so glad though that we have gotten away from the purse phones... or have we? Chris' blog shows that they are making a comeback. Hmmm.
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