Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The value of a journal

I was just reminded on the radio about the value of a journal. It is for logging all the great victories God has given you. When you are feeling a bit discouraged, you can go back and remind yourself of all the good things GOD has done for you. The journal that was given to me by a great friend is a mole skin journal. It has a compartment in the back cover for keeping photos or notes or other things that are small like that. I have in mine pictures of my wife, pictures of my good friends and pictures of my related through marriage friends (a.k.a. in-laws, but friends just the same). These pictures I look at when I feel like the whole world is against me, I can remind myself that I...
1. have a wife who loves me
2. very very good friends
3. I am blessed to have a large family of friends on both sides whom I care about and who care about me and that is a blessing just in itself.
Now I have been using the journal as a gripe book, but I am realizing that although it is a good place to vent, its purposes work best when I write my concerns, and then when they are over, I can write what God did with and through me or for me and thus I have something I can look at later to remind myself just how big my God really is and that He loves us even in our weaknesses and distress. and that He is willing to help us, We only need to ask that He help, Believe that He wants to help, and then let Him help, (and don't complain if the help isn't exactly what we expected, because only God knows really what we needed in the first place.)
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