Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have started my journey into a new programing language. With everything running for the most part on Windows (even better on a mac) I think it is time to delve into learning how to write code that will run using the .net framework in a windows environment.
Well what better place to start than with the basics. Visual basics to be exact and Microsoft has made it easy for the novice as well as the advanced programmers who want to learn new languages like C# and Java to learn while on line, at their own pace and with little or no cost to them (which is a great marketing strategy because visual basic's IDE runs in a windows environment and keeps their market share up). I downloaded a trial version of a program called real basic (a Mac version of visual basic) but it expires on a trial in 30 days and that was 45 days ago in which I hadn't had the time to open it once, so back to Pc's I go for now.
Ok for starters and for those who find writing windows programs to be intriguing, start by going HERE. This website is the beginners website for writing in visual basics and its for beginners. This has videos, lessons and actual beginner simple programs you can write yourself to get your feet wet in coding. Keep working your way down the lessons and who knows, you may be the next webmaster for your church, or the next technogeek that writes programs specifically designed for your organization to use to reach people for Christ through the internet, or just by making some pretty cool bible games that can be given away as a free download. Only God knows what your potential can be and what he has planned for you. I am hoping that He gives me the insights and abilities to learn this fast, and be a good, if not great programer for Him and the church in general. So I will keep you all posted on my p! rogress and if there is a way to post some samples, I just may do that as well.
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