Friday, August 31, 2007

from IDE to GUI

I have moved on into chapter 3 in my book and I will get to learn about the graphical user interface (GUI), I just finished learning my way around the IDE (Integrated development environment). Learning about Windows has always been intriguing so I am like a kid in a candy store right now. Last night at home I developed from of the sample programs from the book and then I customized it while I was at it.
Even though we haven't got into nested "IF" statements yet, I threw a few in there just to see what would happen. I use If statements in COBOL all the time and I have seem some of the advanced code here go several screens long into nested if else statements, (although I have to admit, I think the evaluate statement would have worked better and taken up a lot less space). When I start getting the knack of it all, I think I will build me not just a checking account register program, but one with a crown envelopes style budget, and some of the other things I wished I had in my current quick books program that I use on my mac. (I have to make sure it works on the mac!!!)
Anyway that will definitely give me a long term hobby, but if I get it coded and bug free, I may have to see about giving it to some of my friends for review and see if there may be any enhancements that would make it better, stronger, faster and more user friendly. Time will tell. I will have to make sure that I embed pictures into the register to make it look more like a real register, and of course I will need to make sure that there are securities measures to keep the data safe from unwanted viewing. But it will be fun just the same.
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