Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SAP and iOS

In my studies of SAP Fiori, I kept wondering why they kept trying to get it to look more like the windows 8 interface with the large tiles to tap on etc. I know that it was so clunky that windows 8.1 gave you the option to have a windows 7 look to the interface and windows 10 went further and made the tiles small and the interface more desktop computer compatible as not everyone has a touch screen and even if they do they do not want to be restricted to single tasking. That would be a big step backwards. So Windows is trying to get back to a user friendly interface with a powerful backend system that will give everyone the desktop experience they have learned and loved from Microsoft. Trouble is that even with all of windows advancements, and their latest Laptop (Surface) is the best advancement they have made so far, It still looks and acts like a windows computer which is great when making it double as a desktop, but still sucks as a tablet but is getting better.

SAP announced a partnership with Apple and is in the process of developing enterprise app to work right from your iPhone and iPad to connect to your backend system as needed and run apps to improve not only your productivity but your work as well. You actually may start liking your job...imagine that.

So I have been visiting the learning from   and may need to continue to further my value or even start developing my own.
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