Sunday, July 28, 2013

ProPresenter 5 Review

I have been reviewing Pro presenter 5 and so far am liking what I see.
Of the many things that are new in Pro presenter 5, the editing and adding songs and playlists from planning center online are the best advances in user friendliness I have seen since I have been using Pro presenter. Start by watching their nice video on the basics. If you have used Pro presenter before many things will look familiar, but don't tune out just yet, near the half way point some of the new features start to be demonstrated which you will want to see. Watch below:

Some of the things just briefly mentioned in the video was the features that are now integrated into the system. I will show those to you here. So at the bottom of the playlist section you will notice the following button.

Open the options and you will see an option called "New PCO Playlist". By clicking this it will open up planning center online and if you are not logged in already it will bring up the sign in page for you to login. then you select what plan you are needing. if then will automatically create a playlist using your PCO plan and if the songs in the plan are in your library already it will link them. If an exact match is not found though the play list will just put a place holder with the songs name in the playlist. To link the playlist with the song from the library, select the song in the playlist and at the top of the page you will see "Link",  click that and select the song you want from the library if there is one, if not build it and then select it. the "Link will now change to "unlink" in case the song is the wrong one. this would also qualify for the song that Pro presenter matched up when the playlist from PCO was imported.

You can use Pro Presenter in building your presentations for the sermons as well now as the bible links are nice, and you can manage the flow much better.  If the pastor want to be especially creative he can now have you put a moving background behind the text to help with emphasis. This would also be a good thing for professionals that normally use either powerpoint or keynote to make their presentations.
You can link in full screen videos into the flow as well.
The black background behind the slides is the first of six layors and now can also be changed. This is good for us operators as if we have a light background movie that needs to be launched once and a lot of slides of black text, before we couldn't read the text in the presentation screen to know what slide to click on. You would have to use the outline feature in the template editor to put a white outline around the text which would make it visible to us operators and unnoticeable to the viewers. now we can just change the first layer from black to something else because the first layer is hidden by the background.

I just visited the sight and I see that they are implementing a new Pro Video too. (Pro Video2). Which means that Pro Video will stop receiving updates soon if not already and for those using it to link the background changes together with Pro Presenter using the advanced module, well, guess what, you will need to buy one of the new players too, or if you have a site license I believe you can link two pro presenters running on the same network together as slave and master which would be cheaper than paying over a grand for a new Pro Video player, unless of course you have multiple displays. check out this renewed vision presentation on the power of pro video:

Well hope that was informative and I will start posting more again about Pro presenter as i find cool stuff and for the rest of my geek friends, if I discover any ABAP stuff that seems cool, I may post that too, though with the introduction of HANA to ERP, ABAP may be ready to start being phased out and HANA run on Sequel scripting. but that is for another blog.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Job searching

I hear that being between jobs is never fun and now I know it first hand.
I do have to admit though that the only pain about it so far has been the b.s. the government gives you during the unemployment process. I took some Resume training which included job application, interviewing and other skills which I needed as I have ever needed them before. I put that as schooling on my status report and the gov'mt is giving me grief over it. says that the will not pay the week as i wasn't in schooling. excuse me? what was that then? I will appeal, but the gov and their cronies usually get their way. I digress though as keeping a positive attitude will win friends and influences people, a good thing to remember because in this world, we are all in it together, so lets work together and "get er done".
Creating programs is a passion of mine. I discovered it with my first computer...a commodore vic-20 which if you were going to do anything with it you wrote it yourself. so I got the books out and started to teach myself basic. learned to hate the word syntax error real quick. and also found out that there are very few programs you can write and run on a computer with 20k of combined memory.
The extreme cost of computers though kept me from pursuing that interest for several years (perhaps a decade went by). 1998. Superbowl Sunday went to an electronics store and found a Pentium tower running win 95 for a (back then) reasonable price. $1500 was a lot of money in '98 but got one anyway and fell in love with computers all over again. The first thing I did was blow the damn thing up within the first week just by exploring the o.s. to see how it worked and learned quickly how to do a system restore. darn near wore the disk out but keep at it learning it. The opportunity then came to learn operations on an IBM loved it. working with a big computer was a blast and wasn't long before I was at the books again learning COBOL. COBOL-VSE actually, it made sense and I picked it up pretty good. wrote a handful of programs and maintained many more. The compiler was a bit of a pain, but got used to it. The announcement came that we were going to migrate off from the Main Frame to SAP. cool, a nice challenge, so it was back to the books again. this was in 07, and I was teaching myself another new language. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming, originally Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, German for "general report creation processor ") akn: .
The book was on ABAP Objects so I started hard and scratched my head, did the exercises, but that was still not quite enough. A consultant was given the task of training us and he did a good job showing us the fundamentals of ABAP, and then STEPUP came in and gave us advanced training and I took to it quickly and was developing programs on the new system. In 2008 I went off legacy right into development on SAP and kept running. I found that I really enjoy the language and want to keep at it.
A new language is coming into play for SAP now with the introduction of "ERP on HANA". It is SQL scripting and with the trend pointing to HANA taking over, it is a good idea to start learning everything I can about HANA now. so this is one of the things I will be doing while in transition.
I also am learning objective C as I can see that mobility is going to be using more iPad, iPhone and droid devices and less of ones that used the ITS technology. Well that's about it for now. The fun is just beginning.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Computer

I finally did it.
I broke down and bought me a new computer.
In fact I am typing up this blog post on my new computer.
I hadn't blogged in over three years and really should get back at it.
So anyway, if you are thinking about buying yourself a computer get yourself an air.
The solid state hard drive is excellent and the speed is outstanding. they are not that costly if you think about the quality you are getting. This is an amazing machine.

SAP mad a big announcement thursday. They are putting their ERP CRM etc. on the HANA platform.
This is incredibly big news.
They set it up at john deere and to tell you that it is fast is an understatement.
Their MRP run usually takes 6 hours to run in batch. On HANA it ran is 10 seconds.
That is incredible.
They also are saying that the batch processing is no longer necessary with HANA and everything can be and should be done in real time.
More to come later.