Sunday, September 28, 2008

good memories from moving in to new church in 2000

Here is a picture of Pastor Larry talking with mom and dad at the celebration of the new church.

Pastor had the board of deacons come up and He interviewed them and their wives about the struggles and victories that they were facing and overcame in a move as big as the one God was calling us to.

On the day we officially left the old building and moved to the new they celebrated the old timers that were a part of the old church back when it was the new church building.

I grew up in this church and have very many fond memories, and as I grow older, I remember the good people I knew who have paved the way for me and many whom have since gone home and are with the master this day. I will join them someday and until then will take joy in remembering what God is doing in our community, what He has already done, and I look forward to seeing what He has planned yet to come.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, to have the dough

1tb usb 2.0 external hard drive, 144.99 at
D%mn I wish I had the dough. A terabyte is a lot of memory.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a questions from Revelations 13



I was reading revelations 13 yesterday when this question came to my mind as if the Lord was asking me personally a question, and the question was this:

"If I waited to take my followers home until after the rise of the anti-christ, and you could no longer buy or sell unless you had the mark on your right hand or forhead, would you not take the mark and be willing to lose everything for me?"

OW, I would want to say yes, but could I? I have a family, I have stressed my self over and over, working night and day to provide for them in this economy that could be failing as to setup for the rise of the anti-christ to be revealed as the "Fix everything" person and which would generate a great following for him. Could I resist taking the mark? Persecution of the followers of Christ is hitting an all time high already across the world. Its easy to follow Christ when it doesn't cost anything, but. The time is near when following him may cost me everything. I hope that this "everything" isn't my god, and that I would give it all to the one true God, even if it made my life forfeit.


Friday, September 19, 2008

music, plastic, worship

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I just can't get into heavy metal, or punk rock. There are some songs that are o.k. and I can dig them for a while, but I rather listen to music where the singer is singing the song, not screaming it.

I have enough things in my life that makes me angry enough by themselves, some music leaves me in a pi**%d off mood and it would be better for me emotionally if I just let them be. I also wonder if Satan doesn't try to get us to inadvertently worship him instead of worshipping God by the songs we select for our IPods'. It's not that we are going to burn for listening to those songs, but are we pleasing God by listening to them is a question I ask myself and wonder about. Does He even care what we listen to anyway? I think He does, because songs can easily divert our attention from the Truth and start our focus onto other things like self, sex, hatred, anger, malice. Some rap music is good at that, and I feel that some metal will do that to you as well. Like all things in life, God gives us a choice, we can listen to whatever, but we then have to accept what it does to us. For me I want to walk closer to God, I have been standing still with my shoe strings tied together for too long now wondering where God went, being depressed, lonely, and bitter about situations and things that didn't go the way I wanted them to go. I have to stop and re-evaluate why. Why do I feel that way? Am I really the one that is in control of situations and things or is God? If God is in control then I need to let it go. God will work all things together for good…eventually.

For now I must "Think on these things…" as Paul tells us in scripture. Hearing "Well done, good and faithful servant" is my goal, and my passion. To please God more than I please myself, which is a difficult task, as it is natural to want our own way, but Thy will be done? that is not as easy. For now, I plan on losing the plastic, let's listen to and enjoy whatever everyone else is listening to mentality and start to listen to what God speaks to my heart, on what is best for me to listen to and then care not if that makes me Un-cool. There is a laundry list of things that God is telling me to review in my life and so far I am not really likening some of the things I see, but if He wants me to re-think my position on some things, then I shall prayerfully consider what it is He wants me to do. (And to be totally honest, I like gaither music even if it makes me a dweeb).




Another good memory

I remember going to Champain Urbana Illinois around Easter weekend for a youth conference called CA Convention.

This was something that the assembly of God youth across the state(s) would do once a year for education, bible teaching and fellowship. This was the first place that I met who was then director of something in the Assembly of God main group or some big title like that, This person I had got a gut feeling that I just had to go and meet. He had finished speaking to a group of over 500 kids and youth in a collage hall setting like an auditotium and I was moved to go and introduce myself to him. This was 1975 (I think) and the Man's name was Larry Hodge. Little did I know that within months he would be our pastor at what was then called First Assembly og God in Aurora, Now known as Orchard Valley Community Church. It was one of those moments that I will always remember, because I was just a dumb kid then and he took the time to talk with me a few minuites that he didn't have to take. He has since shown that this was a genuine care for people and that always showed and my life was impacted possitively because of it. One of my biggest trials is to forget that this same care for people is right in the heart of God and this care I should strive to show just as Larry did, my tendency is to hide from people, but then I lose out on getting to know some really good people by doing that. For some reason I was just reminded of that.




Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughts of blessing to replace thoughts of loss

Here is a picture of my mom and dad. They are the ones seated at the back of the roo,. This picture was taken when the Orchard first moved into their campus they are currently at in aurora. Dad never missed a service. He taught me to stand by your leaders, lift them up in prayer, help them out however you can. They need us as much as we need them. It is a community of believers, a family and the pastor is the father figure of the family, leading and guiding the best they can and with Gods help. We may not always understand the dirrection they are taking us, but with child like faith, we trust them, trust God, and pray about any issues that may be bothering us (key word- PRAY- not gossip about it, or spread negativity) Anyway, I try to think on the good memories that I have had with dad and Pastor Larry as well, especially when depression trys to overwealm me.

Here is one of the first sermons Pastor Larry preached in the new building back in 2000. Looks a lot different today.

almost 5 years...



It has been almost 5 years now since dad died. 1st weekend in november 2003 my father passed away at the hospital with the most of his family members gathered around. I miss him a lot. not even a year later a good friend and my pastor dies as well. All of these losses has left a gapping hole in my soul that has never gone away.  


Friday, September 12, 2008

Its just that easy...

Youtube has made it easy to share video's on your blog and it's fast, easy, takes very little effort, and it saves you from having to e-mail all your friends with the latest cool, or stupid in some cases videos which are probably laden down with viruses in the first place. I have found that if the video exists, has been on the e-mail circuit for a little while (you can tell by how deep into the e-mail you have to navigate before you find the video that was sent to you), Most likely you will find the same video on youtube. So instead of passing that video and possible viruses on to your friends, search the movie on youtube, it only takes a minute or less to find if it exists there. If it does look for the embed code to the right and copy the whole string and past it on your blog entry. Now send a fresh clean e-mail to your friends with the link to your blog and voila, your friends get to watch the cute, funny, or stupid video without having to worry about getting infected by a virus, plus you are doing your part to rid the world of spam because your 2k e-mail message takes up a lot less space than the 2m message that the video was in and it is done. If your friends want to see it they will pull up your blog and check it out. If not then so what. They can delete your message, no harm done.

Here is a clip that explains my point. It is a mac vs PC spoof done very well by someone, and instead of mailing it all over creation, I will link the embed code below and it will be viewable by whoever feels like watching it.

Wow, a world record, It took me 37 seconds to find, grab the embed code and post this video.