Sunday, May 4, 2008

ProPresenter and the presentation display settings

I use ProPresenter on my Macbook at home using Apple's OS X tiger, yah I know, I should upgrade to leopard but bread is scarce lately. Anyway, I use it at home to test with, learn with and get a better understanding of how it works and what are the best ways for presenting with it so that I can help make the presentation environment even better for the weekend audience at church whenever possible, at least for myself and the production crew. The hundred or so volunteers that we have at the Orchard do an awesome job at serving and making the guests feel welcome and helping them see Gods love through us. It is so cool to see God working through ordinary people. It has been said that God doesn't call the gifted to serve, but gifts those He has called. So fear not is a good term to remember, because if God has called you to do something for Him, remember that He will supply you with the tools, knowledge, or whatever else is needed to accomplish what He has for you to do; We need to trust that He will and that We can.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I hooked up my Mac book into the LCD TV at home through the VGA port on the TV and was a little disappointed at first as the resolution was real small, but then I went into the preferences and pushed "full screen", what this did was allow the program to view the resolution settings that the Mac book had for the TV that was connected and assign that resolution to ProPresenter so that the displayed results would be best. it was really cool. I can know put DVDs in the computer and watch them at maximum resolution and they looked great. I also found that the Provideo (a part of ProPresenter) does a much better job at DVDs than does the DVD player that comes with the mac.
So if you want to try and adjust your settings for ProPresenter, first make sure that your Mac is setup so that it is sending the correct resolution to the projector. I plugged my mack into the TV and pressed the detect displays button and the Mac set itself up to the correct resolution of the TV I was connected to. I could only hope that a projection system using VGA inputs would be able to be auto detected, otherwise it may be best to check your documentation that came with the projector to see what the recommended settings are. My mac and ProPresenter found that the optimal resolution settings on the TV I was using is 1366 x 768. (DPI) The High definition settings are 480i but I don't think that the mac uses the newer high def standards for displays yet. I bet that if these settings are better, then the future updates will allow you to set you monitor adjustments by the high definition range. I still do not quite grasp just what 480i means but the TV settings tell me to set my HDMI to that and being I don't have anything that hooks up by HDMI I won't worry about that for know, although I have read that many new computers and monitors will be hooking up together via HDMI so maybe when that happens, the meaning of the 480i will be more clear. I will have to research that and see. I have a few techno-savey friends that work in the help desk that could probably explain that a little more clearly. If I find out more about this newer standard I will blog it.
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