Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas eve concert and candle light service

Last night was our Christmas eve concert and candle light service. The Band was totally amazing and the crowds were spectacular. God was doing some tugging on the hearts of many and the enemy was doing a lot to try and stop it. Sunday during dress rehearsal the lighting board locked up and crashed and we lost all of the memory settings that were stored and Dave had to start reprogramming the board all over again. we were pretty bummed but Dave did an excellent job at getting the board reprogrammed in time for the services on Monday. We had an incredible staff of volunteers and every one of them had this wonderful attitude to them that just made me feel honored and privileged to be given the pleasure to work with them and be a part of something that was truly greater than ourselves and could not have been pulled off if God was not helping us and equipping us with the talent and attitude necessary to keep everything pulling together in a common goal of leading the audience into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, Which after four spectacular services, appeared to do just that. Here is a picture from one of the practices.

This was taken with my cell phone and I will upload some pictures below taken from my digital camera.

This is the light board that crashed, It really is a good light board, but the operating system has some bugs that needs to be worked out.

This is backstage after the first show. Our hospitality volunteer Pam out did herself on making us feel like we were in Hollywood. She had tables with fresh flowers set up and candles burning and lots and lots of food for us to eat.

The whole day was a huge win and I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to be a part of it.
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